Enjoy a movie with Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber Rent a Theatre

Teen singer Justin Bieber have another way to pamper her lover, Selena Gomez. Most recently, Justin rented a movie theater in Canada for a movie with Selena.

In order for his date with Selena could be more intimate, Justin emptied one studio at SilverCity Polo Park, Winnipeg, Canada recently. In cinema, they were watching Hugh Jackman's latest film, 'Real Steel'.

Not only that, Justin also ordered a pizza to be enjoyed both of her lover. Justin's favorite food is pizza and Selena.

"They really make sure that everything was very private. He was really polite and grateful to everyone in the cinema before they leave," said one eyewitness, as reported by Showbiz Spy, Tuesday (10/25/2011).

This is not the first time, Justin held a private screening for him and Selena. In September, the singer of hits 'Baby' was renting the Staples Centre, Los Angeles to witness the 'Titanic' together with Selena.

Disconnect rumored, Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez getting intimate

Not long ago it was rumored if Selena Gomez wants to sever its links with Justin Bieber because they are childish. Gossip is as undeniable as they appear in public.

In the midst of their busy schedules, two teenage star was seen watching a hockey game between the Winnipeg Jets against the Carolina Hurricanes in Canada on Sunday (10/23/2011). Justin and Selena seem intimate, and enjoy the game while cuddling.

The couple were both even wearing a shirt Winnipeg to support the home team. Occasionally, Justin whispered in the ear sesuat Selena. Thus was launched dailymail, Monday (24/10/2011).

Before watching a hockey game, they also had to watch the movie 'Real Steel', starring Hugh Jackman. To maintain comfort, the couple had rented a movie theater at SilverCity Polo Park Cinemas to watch alone.
17-year-old Justin was practically romantic guy. In late September, he also gave a special surprise for Selena.

After watching a Demi Lovato concert at the Nokia Theater together, Justin invites Selena to the Staples Center in Los Angeles that has been vacated for a movie 'Titanic' together.

Justin Bieber Motor Auction By making Skate Park

Old does not make news, phenomenal pop singer, Justin Bieber again highlighted. This time, the young man from Canada was willing to give bike racing to be auctioned and the results will be used to build the skate park.

Justin's motor racing provided for this auction is a Campagna T-Rex, which is a sporty three-wheeled motorcycle.

This unique motor purple-born youth obtained Strartford, Ontario, Canada, March 1, 1994 the following will take part in a reality show Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory.

Later, this bike auction results will be given to Rob Dyrdek Foundation to promote active and healthy lifestyles by building a skateboard park in various places in America.

Motor itself is constructed from tubular chassis which is then wrapped the body up to a dimension 3.500x1.981x1.067 mm (LxWxH) with a wheelbase of 2286 mm and weighs 472 kg.

To spur the kitchen, a 1400 cc engine Inline 4 cylinder engine derived from Kawasaki. The machine was able to bring power to 197 hp with 113 lb-ft of torque channeled through a six-speed sequential transmission.

With that much power, it is not surprising that three-wheeled motor is capable lauched to peak velocity 230 km / hour.

Until now, the Campagna T-Rex singer's One Time and My World is already offered up to U.S. $ 20 thousand, or approximately USD 176.4 million.

But until the offer closes on 27 October this bike will be expected to conduct an auction of up to U.S. $ 50 thousand

Justin Bieber Will Film Production in 2012

Justin Bieber became interested in the film world. Next year, this teen pop idol will make a movie. Justin says he and his team are working on the film script which is scheduled to begin production of summer 2012.

But before working on his film project, this 17-year-olds must complete his Christmas album entitled 'Under the Mistletoe'. He is also busy working on his second album.

"I will finish the tour, and released a holiday album, so it should be back to promote his album. After that ... the time is getting closer to working on a second album so everything again from scratch," said Selena Gomez's lover.

He adds, "Hopefully next summer I can start to make movies or anything else."

Not the first time Justin was involved in a film production. Singer of the song "Somebody To Love" was never tasted the world of acting by appearing in a TV thriller drama series, 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' last year. That experience ultimately makes Justin attracted plunge into the world of acting.

"Of course I want more acting and pursue a career in that field. That's something I would love to do," he said.

Snow in 'Mistletoe' Justin Bieber Video Clips

 Monday (10/17/2011) Justin Bieber officially released 'Mistletoe', the debut single for his Christmas album. The snow continues to fall in the video clip of the song.

Video clips 'Mistletoe' downloaded on the video sharing site YouTube on October 18, 2011. Until now the number of video viewers have only about a hundred thousand.

In the video clips were shown how to give Justin a surprise to a woman he loves. At the end of the song, both of them kissing just below the leaves of mistletoe. One of the customs at Christmas time, men and women who met under mistletoe leaves should be kissing.

Shades of reggae music can be heard clearly in the song. Justin rely on acoustic guitar for his new song pack. Relaxed atmosphere is created, but a glimpse of the song has shades of the same with 'I'm Yours' belongs to Jason Mraz.

Justin's Christmas album, titled 'Under the Mistletoe' will be released on 1 November. There are 12 songs in it. Some musicians were invited to collaborate with like Usher, Boyz II Men, Mariah Carey Busta Rhymes.

The label decided to donate all profits selling the album for charities such as Pencils of Promise and Make-A-Wish Foundation.