Justin Bieber Will Film Production in 2012

Justin Bieber became interested in the film world. Next year, this teen pop idol will make a movie. Justin says he and his team are working on the film script which is scheduled to begin production of summer 2012.

But before working on his film project, this 17-year-olds must complete his Christmas album entitled 'Under the Mistletoe'. He is also busy working on his second album.

"I will finish the tour, and released a holiday album, so it should be back to promote his album. After that ... the time is getting closer to working on a second album so everything again from scratch," said Selena Gomez's lover.

He adds, "Hopefully next summer I can start to make movies or anything else."

Not the first time Justin was involved in a film production. Singer of the song "Somebody To Love" was never tasted the world of acting by appearing in a TV thriller drama series, 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' last year. That experience ultimately makes Justin attracted plunge into the world of acting.

"Of course I want more acting and pursue a career in that field. That's something I would love to do," he said.