Enjoy a movie with Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber Rent a Theatre

Teen singer Justin Bieber have another way to pamper her lover, Selena Gomez. Most recently, Justin rented a movie theater in Canada for a movie with Selena.

In order for his date with Selena could be more intimate, Justin emptied one studio at SilverCity Polo Park, Winnipeg, Canada recently. In cinema, they were watching Hugh Jackman's latest film, 'Real Steel'.

Not only that, Justin also ordered a pizza to be enjoyed both of her lover. Justin's favorite food is pizza and Selena.

"They really make sure that everything was very private. He was really polite and grateful to everyone in the cinema before they leave," said one eyewitness, as reported by Showbiz Spy, Tuesday (10/25/2011).

This is not the first time, Justin held a private screening for him and Selena. In September, the singer of hits 'Baby' was renting the Staples Centre, Los Angeles to witness the 'Titanic' together with Selena.