Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Baylor Adoption

The couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez seem very fond of dogs. Recently, while vacationing in Canada, they were adopted Baylor, a little dog.

Couples who are dating since March 2010 it was originally just a fun visit the animal shelter D'Arcy's ARC. However, there, they were interested in cute dog aged 10 weeks.

Without thinking, they were adopted and provide the name Baylor. The plan, the couple will take care of their own husky dog's ancestry.

As reported by People, Friday (28/10/2011), Selena looked very pleased with Baylor. On Tuesday, Selena had a fever. Unable to leave the room, she spent time with Baylor.

"After 12 hours of treatment, drinking tea, spent the 1374 cans of soup and vomiting, I spent my evening with Baylor watch 'Friends'," Selena wrote on his Twitter account.

Previously, Selena Gomez does have a dog. But when he left to go on tour, the dog is lost.