Denies impregnate Fans, Justin Bieber DNA Tests Requested

Justin Bieber denied charges if he is the father of a child born to Mariah Yeater. Mariah's attorney is asking the singer of 'Baby' was to do a DNA test.

"There is strong evidence that Justin Bieber actual father of her baby. The evidence will be revealed in court," lawyer for Mariah, Matthew Pare as reported by Star magazine, Friday (04/11/2011).

Matthew added that his client revealed this issue to the public not to seek fame or money. Mariah just want to get recognition if his son who is now 3 months old it is the fruit of his love with Justin.
"He only asks that Justin Bieber gave a DNA sample to make sure he was the father of the baby Mariah Yeater, and if so, help to provide support to children as required by California law," he added.

In August, Mariah gave birth to a baby boy who he claims comes from his sexual relationship with Justin. 20-year-old woman was admitted having sex with Justin's Justin backstage at a concert in Los Angeles.