Photos of 'Son' Justin Bieber

Mariah Yeater still expects Justin Bieber to recognize 4-month-old son, Anthony Tristyn Markhouse Yeater. 20-year-old woman, too, show some similarities between Justin and his son.

"Look, look at his mouth," he told the Daily Star on Monday (7/11/2011).

"I pray if Justin saw this photo, see Tristyn and knew in his heart that this is his son. It would be a nightmare for us all if he continues to deny it," he added.

Justin already has strongly denied allegations of a child. But he reportedly has been summoned to perform DNA tests in Los Angeles Superior Court ten days before Christmas.

Mariah admitted having sex with Justin backstage. The incident occurred at one concert Bieber. In fact, he asked for money allowance of 170 pounds, or about USD 2.4 billion over the child's birth.

"I just want what is best for my son, I feel very hurt that we have been abandoned, and none of my calls were answered Justin," he complained.

But there are also considered, the recognition Mariah solely to get money from Justin. Mariah former lover, John Terranova said he also never held to account for the child.

"He just wanted money," John told the Sunday Mirror.

However, if the confession is true, Mariah also could face rape charges because the incident allegedly occurred when Justin was 16 years old.