Justin Bieber Ready to re-prosecute Mariah Yeater

Justin Bieber strongly denied that he was the father of the babies born to one of the fans who called Mariah Yeater. Justin was ready to re-prosecute Mariah.

As reported by TMZ, Monday (07/11/2011), Justin will do DNA tests after he returned from Europe. If the DNA test results did not find a match then Justin will re-prosecute Mariah.

"Bieber and his team felt it was important to file a lawsuit against Yeater. They want to show there are consequences if there are people who make false accusations against celebrities," said the source.

Previously, Justin claimed never met Mariah. Let alone to have sex with him in the back of the stage as she held a concert in Los Angeles in October 2010.

"I never met her. I can only say that all the allegations were not true," said Selena Gomez's lover.