Justin Bieber pants sagging, When the Way with a girlfriend on Paris

Justin Bieber caught on camera with his pants sagging. Errors in clothes that happens when Justin Bieber go out with her ​​lover, Selena Gomez.

Thursday (11/10/2011) and Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez arrived in Paris. When dating a girlfriend in the country fashion, unconsciously Bieber pants had fallen down to her buttocks exposed.

Bieber gray Pants until it looks clear. Singer of 'Pray' to move on with her boyfriend, unaware of her jeans had dropped down to below her buttocks.

It seems at that time, Bieber forgot to put on his belt. Fortunately, Bieber jeans remain in place and does not sag to bottom.

If that happens, of course the singer who was accused of having a child it would be very embarrassed. And at that Bieber was very neat appearance, wearing a casual jacket and white shirt combined but unfortunately his pants sagging.