Justin Bieber caught Wear Pink Underwear

Whether you want to make a trend, or did not intentionally, of course Justin Bieber returned to the show with sagging pants. This time, Justin's pants sag down to the buttocks while walking around the house Selena Gomez.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, Justin sagging pants as he was walking his dog in the house with Selena. Saggy pants to show her panties as she walked slightly bent.

Justin seemed to wear pink underwear. While the sagging pants look embellished belt. It seems that the belt could not sustain shorts singer of 'Baby' was in place.

The singer of 17 years is located at Selena's house shortly after he became a guest star on the show 'David Letterman'. In the event Justin confirmed he had undergone a DNA test to prove he was not the father of a baby Mariah Yeater.

"It's crazy people can make a false confession," he said when interviewed by Letterman.

Back to the matter of sagging pants, earlier when walking with Selena in Paris, similar things happened. As reported by E! Online, when a date with her ​​lover in the country fashion, unconsciously Justin's pants had fallen down to her buttocks exposed. Pants in the singer of 'Mistletoe' is grayed out until it looks clear.