Justin Bieber caught Wear Pink Underwear

Whether you want to make a trend, or did not intentionally, of course Justin Bieber returned to the show with sagging pants. This time, Justin's pants sag down to the buttocks while walking around the house Selena Gomez.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, Justin sagging pants as he was walking his dog in the house with Selena. Saggy pants to show her panties as she walked slightly bent.

Justin seemed to wear pink underwear. While the sagging pants look embellished belt. It seems that the belt could not sustain shorts singer of 'Baby' was in place.

The singer of 17 years is located at Selena's house shortly after he became a guest star on the show 'David Letterman'. In the event Justin confirmed he had undergone a DNA test to prove he was not the father of a baby Mariah Yeater.

"It's crazy people can make a false confession," he said when interviewed by Letterman.

Back to the matter of sagging pants, earlier when walking with Selena in Paris, similar things happened. As reported by E! Online, when a date with her ​​lover in the country fashion, unconsciously Justin's pants had fallen down to her buttocks exposed. Pants in the singer of 'Mistletoe' is grayed out until it looks clear.

Taylor Swift & Adele got 3 Cup in AMAs 2011

Event the annual American Music Awards (AMAs) 2011 held recently completed. Singer Taylor Swift and Adele competing obtain each of the three trophies.

The highest award won Artist of the Year Taylor Swift. Blond woman is also bagging trophy Favorite Country Female Artist and Favorite Country Album.

"It's like the craziest thing that ever happened to me," Taylor said when he received the Artist of the Year peiala reported by ABC, Monday (21/11/2011).

Victory competing with Adele Taylor who also bagged three trophies. From that he got four nominations, Adele got trophy Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist, Favorite Pop/Rock Album and Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist.

Adele unfortunately could not attend the event which took place at the Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles, California on Sunday (20/11/2011) evening local time because it is still not healthy. A few weeks ago, Adele undergo throat surgery.

Maroon 5 and OneRepublic LMFAO beat the Favorite Pop/Rock Band, Duo or Group. This is the first time the singer of hits 'Moves Like Jagger' Amas trophies won throughout their careers.

Favorite Alternative Rock Artist Foo Fighters obtained. While bagged the Favorite Latin Artist Jennifer Lopez, who was performing the song 'On the Floor "with rapper Pitbull.

Many of the featured artists enliven the event. Justin Bieber's rendition of 'Mistletoe'. Katy Perry with the newest single 'The One That Got Away'. Gym Class Heroes are also invited Adam Levine singing 'Stereo Hearts'.

Selena Gomez Dogs Pain, Prayer Request to Fans

Incessant news Selena Gomez splashy spreads. Earlier came the news of this young singer broke up the street with her ​​boyfriend Justin Bieber, because the issue of infidelity with another girl. But the rumor was denied.

New issues that attracted her fans on Twitter were suddenly Gomez pleaded prayers to his fans. "My son sick, please prayer for wanting surgery," he writes.

Selena Gomez have children? No. Gomez was caring for puppies. Pet-named Baylor, husky mix, was adopted from an animal lover's house in Winnipeg, Canada, a few months ago.

At that time, she and her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, visit the animal home and immediately had a crush with Baylor. Furthermore, it maintained cute puppy in the house. Later, Baylor health impaired that needed surgery. "Once again beg her prayers to Baylor healthy again."

Justin Bieber Buy Car specials range rover

How to seduce a woman? One way is to have a cool car. And that's what comes to mind when buying a Justin Bieber modified Range Rover worth $ 160,000.

This quirky performed by Canadian singer is none other than this is done to make her lover, Selena Gomez was impressed.

For that matter, Bieber also have to spend in deeply. For the car modification is a Range Rover glanced arable famous house Project Kahn modif comparatively more expensive U.S. $ 80,000 from the standard model.

With the additional funding it, Justin Bieber get a Range Rover that had faces made from the audio sector, leather-clad interior, special paint on the exterior to the machine that has been tilled by Cosworth.

"Justin loved his vehicle even though he was barely old enough to drive," says someone close to Bieber as quoted by The Sun and autoguide reported on Monday (21/11/2011).

"His girlfriend Selena Gomez will be impressed with the (car) new," added the source again.

Currently, the last car owned by singer song 'Never Say Never' is being sent from Bradford, West Yorkshire, in northern England to his home in Los Angeles, United States.

The Project Kahn's previous clients countless famous people as well as English soccer star Wayne Rooney and TV star Katie Price.

Justin Bieber is to do the paternity test

Accusations of Mariah Yeater collapsed on 17 November (see here). After all these trials and false statements, Justin Bieber says he wants to keep your head up, stay positive and said it was still to do a paternity test so that no one talks to him over this story.

It did not take long for the so-called Mariah Yeater charge against Justin Bieber does not fall into the water. According to The Sun, the singer has spoken for the first one to American radio, November 17, the case that accused him of being a father of a baby of four months. He stated "Today, I am focused on my album and my music and my charity, and I am positive because we are at Christmas time and it is a time for joy and happiness .[...] people make false accusations, but it happens in this industry so I have to keep my head up and stay positive. "

While Selena Gomez, girlfriend of Justin Bieber, also assigned to the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the fact that this business of having to manage so-called paternity with another woman was not easy (click here to view section), it seems that the singer is not yet ready to move on. The spokesman Justin Bieber has told E! News that the singer was still planned to do the paternity test in order to end this story once and for all. The spokesman said: "this will make responsible [Maria Yeater] for his actions."

justin bieber 2011

justin bieber 2011 Gallery Photo

justin bieber 2011

justin bieber 2011 Gallery Photo

justin bieber 2011

justin bieber 2011 Gallery Photo

justin bieber 2011

Mariah Cancel Demand Justin Bieber, Because Threatened?

More recently, women who claimed impregnated Justin Bieber, Mariah Yeater decided to drop the charges against the singer hits 'Baby' is. Reportedly, Mariah has been threatened.

Mariah new lawyer, Jeffrey M. Leving revealed that his client felt threatened its security. Already a few days, women were 20 years being followed by someone.

http://www.justinbieberzone.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/mariah-yeater-and-baby1.jpghttp://ourreddoor.blogspot.com/"I just talked to Mariah, she claimed to have been followed by someone," said Jeffry as reported by Aceshowbiz, Thursday (17/11/2011).

Not only that, Jeffrey said that Mariah has also changed her phone number. Mariah fear of death threats by telephone.

"He was a 20-year-old mother who should be worried about the safety of herself and her child," said Jeffry.

A few weeks ago, Mariah make a confession that he had sex with Justin when he mengggelar concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on October 25, 2010. He also has given birth to a relationship with Justin four months ago.


Barack Obama Invite Justin to Perform at the White House at Christmas

Figures phenomenal pop music, Justin Bieber, has been reported that the President of the United States, Barack Obama inviting him to perform a concert on Christmas day next at the White House.

Speaking to Kiss FM, Bieber said that Obama's two daughters are fans. "The two Obama girls like me. I will celebrate Christmas in Washington and appear before him and all members of the senate, "he said.

http://the44diaries.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/media23edf400b5e3495186092224736b3d9d.jpg?w=500&h=340In separate news, Metro reports that Bieber describes Obama as a good young man. Obama and Bieber first time face to face last year at the Passover at the White House.

This invitation came after Bieber received a lawsuit from the fans, Mariah Yeater, because it has to impregnate. Yeater admitted having sex with Justin Bieber at backstage a concert in Los Angeles and the event produced a son who was born about three months ago.
Yeater suspected Justin Bieber sued only because after the financial support of the singer.

In response to the news, Bieber representatives expressed through a statement: "Although we have not seen the lawsuit reports, it is sad that someone can fabricate, cheat, slander, and false remarks."

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/photo/reliablesource/Tree.jpgThe statement continues, "We will pursue all efforts the spirit of existing laws to defend and protect Justin (Bieber) of such accusations."

In early November, Bieber has released his first Christmas album with the title Under the Mistletoe, which is filled with a combination of traditional Christmas songs and also some new Christmas-themed songs that the majority written by Bieber.
The album was enlivened by some famous guest stars such as Mariah Carey, Usher, Boyz II Men, Busta Rhymes, and The Band Perry.

Justin Bieber Defeat Metallica and Lou Reed

Successful teen singer Justin Bieber Loutallica shifting, collaborative project dubbed legendary American rock musician, Lou Reed with a giant metal band, Metallica in terms of album sales last week.

According to RollingStone.com, Bieber Christmas album, Under The Mistletoe successfully ranked first in the world's prestigious album charts, the Billboard 200 with sales figures are pretty awesome, as many as 210 thousand pieces.

The growth has been achieved JB, Bieber's nickname, in his first week on the charts since the album's release on November 1. According to Billboard, this is the first time in the history of the chart is an influential special Christmas album sung by male artists occupied the top position on his debut.

RollingStone.com stated that the people behind Bieber know exactly what they are doing. Teen idols have always had a few years with a very large mass of supporters before they will be replaced by other new entrants.

While the giant metal band Metallica have willingly manipulated because of his collaboration with Justin Bieber on the album Lou Reed Lulu is only able to sell just 13,000 copies in its first week after release.

Charity, Justin Bieber Snake Auction

There are ways celebrities for charity. As Justin Bieber, who brought his snake at the MTV Video Music Awards 2011 to be auctioned.

According to an online auction website, Charity Buzz, snakes Bieber estimated price of up to U.S. $ 2000. Not unexpectedly, the price of yellow snake that was estimated with a high enough price. According to the site, two times higher than the estimated price.

http://www.justinbieberzone.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/justin-bieber-snake.jpgJohnson was named the snake Offer will expire on November 29, 2011. All funds collected will be donated to an organization called the Pencils of Promise to build a school.

Anyone who gets the snake, Charity Buzz've made sure that the snake was well maintained. People who receive the snake must sign a contract that ensures that it will keep and care for the little snake.

http://img2.timeinc.net/people/i/2011/pets/news/110912/justin-bieber-300.jpgNot only a snake, Selena Gomez's boyfriend also will donate the profits from his Christmas album. Singer of 'Never Say Never' it will donate to the foundation Make-A-Wish Foundation, Boys & Girls Clubs of America and City of Hope.

Justin Bieber pants sagging, When the Way with a girlfriend on Paris

Justin Bieber caught on camera with his pants sagging. Errors in clothes that happens when Justin Bieber go out with her ​​lover, Selena Gomez.

Thursday (11/10/2011) and Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez arrived in Paris. When dating a girlfriend in the country fashion, unconsciously Bieber pants had fallen down to her buttocks exposed.

Bieber gray Pants until it looks clear. Singer of 'Pray' to move on with her boyfriend, unaware of her jeans had dropped down to below her buttocks.

It seems at that time, Bieber forgot to put on his belt. Fortunately, Bieber jeans remain in place and does not sag to bottom.

If that happens, of course the singer who was accused of having a child it would be very embarrassed. And at that Bieber was very neat appearance, wearing a casual jacket and white shirt combined but unfortunately his pants sagging.

Fans accused of impregnating, Bieber have fun with Selena Gomez in Paris

Recent phenomenal singer Justin Bieber was wracked issue has had a child of Mariah fans Yeater. Want to help her lover who was troubled, Selena Gomez was sexy style.

It seems that Bieber was devastated by the news. He also looks a walk with Selena in Paris.

Bieber's appearance when it does not look different than before. However, Selena appears wearing a mini skirt clad in black stockings and high boots.

As reported by Radar Online, Thursday (11/10/2011) torn virgin 19 years it was the center of attention. His hands also seemed to not want to loose clutching Bieber.

Is it true that Selena was working hard to restore psychological Bieber? Alternatively, sexy style that is used just for a fad?

Hunted Fans, Justin Bieber Go to Gay Clubs

Phenomenal Justin Bieber seems to be very upset with the issues he has had a child. Did he really gay party at the club because he wanted to forget about these problems?

Singer of 'Baby' was previously plagued by problems after Mariah was Yeater claimed to have delivered a baby of Bieber. To the extent that he chased the fans while attending the MTV Europe Music Awards on Sunday (6/11/2011).

"He was into the show with his girlfriend, Selena Gomez before going quietly," said the source as quoted from The Sun.

Bieber also managed to avoid the thousands of fans. Even to avoid the 'Beliebers', he went into a gay club in the Kremlin in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Justin Bieber Ready to re-prosecute Mariah Yeater

Justin Bieber strongly denied that he was the father of the babies born to one of the fans who called Mariah Yeater. Justin was ready to re-prosecute Mariah.

As reported by TMZ, Monday (07/11/2011), Justin will do DNA tests after he returned from Europe. If the DNA test results did not find a match then Justin will re-prosecute Mariah.

"Bieber and his team felt it was important to file a lawsuit against Yeater. They want to show there are consequences if there are people who make false accusations against celebrities," said the source.

Previously, Justin claimed never met Mariah. Let alone to have sex with him in the back of the stage as she held a concert in Los Angeles in October 2010.

"I never met her. I can only say that all the allegations were not true," said Selena Gomez's lover.

Photos of 'Son' Justin Bieber

Mariah Yeater still expects Justin Bieber to recognize 4-month-old son, Anthony Tristyn Markhouse Yeater. 20-year-old woman, too, show some similarities between Justin and his son.

"Look, look at his mouth," he told the Daily Star on Monday (7/11/2011).

"I pray if Justin saw this photo, see Tristyn and knew in his heart that this is his son. It would be a nightmare for us all if he continues to deny it," he added.

Justin already has strongly denied allegations of a child. But he reportedly has been summoned to perform DNA tests in Los Angeles Superior Court ten days before Christmas.

Mariah admitted having sex with Justin backstage. The incident occurred at one concert Bieber. In fact, he asked for money allowance of 170 pounds, or about USD 2.4 billion over the child's birth.

"I just want what is best for my son, I feel very hurt that we have been abandoned, and none of my calls were answered Justin," he complained.

But there are also considered, the recognition Mariah solely to get money from Justin. Mariah former lover, John Terranova said he also never held to account for the child.

"He just wanted money," John told the Sunday Mirror.

However, if the confession is true, Mariah also could face rape charges because the incident allegedly occurred when Justin was 16 years old.

Photos of Amit impregnated Bieber Fans Spread

Slowly past the fans got pregnant woman who claimed to Justin Bieber revealed. Photos of that women is circulating in cyberspace.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, now Mariah Yeater photo, a woman who claimed impregnated Bieber, a lot of media loaded. There are various poses Mariah, ranging from various piercing he exhibited in his face to photograph.

In the photo showing the piercing, it appears there are several piercings in her face 20 years. Piercings are located one on his nose and three on his lips.

Mariah shows up in another photo picture taken by illuminating the back. On the back she looked there are two ribbon-shaped tattoo.

There are also photos that show pics Mariah aka not wearing a-bra. But when the photos were taken, he covered his chest with his left hand.

In the photo it looks Mariah is also a tattooed belly. There are two stars tattooed on her navel area below.

This week Mariah Yeater's middle name became a byword warm. He claimed to have had sex with Justin backstage at Justin's concert in Los Angeles.

In August, Mariah gave birth to a baby boy who he claims comes from his sexual relationship with Justin. He demanded Selena Gomez's boyfriend to come feed the child. Of course, allegations denied by the singer 17 years.

Denies impregnate Fans, Justin Bieber DNA Tests Requested

Justin Bieber denied charges if he is the father of a child born to Mariah Yeater. Mariah's attorney is asking the singer of 'Baby' was to do a DNA test.

"There is strong evidence that Justin Bieber actual father of her baby. The evidence will be revealed in court," lawyer for Mariah, Matthew Pare as reported by Star magazine, Friday (04/11/2011).

Matthew added that his client revealed this issue to the public not to seek fame or money. Mariah just want to get recognition if his son who is now 3 months old it is the fruit of his love with Justin.
"He only asks that Justin Bieber gave a DNA sample to make sure he was the father of the baby Mariah Yeater, and if so, help to provide support to children as required by California law," he added.

In August, Mariah gave birth to a baby boy who he claims comes from his sexual relationship with Justin. 20-year-old woman was admitted having sex with Justin's Justin backstage at a concert in Los Angeles.

Justin Bieber's Voice Changed

Singer Justin Bieber debuted at age 16 when his voice is still immature. Now Justin's voice has begun to change.

Changes in Justin's voice can be heard on her new album is titled 'Underneath the Mistletoe'. Not changed, but Justin could not now reach the high notes. Like when a duet with Mariah Carey in the song 'All I Want for Chrismas'.

"Vocals, he has changed", said the manager told Billboard.com Braunt Scooter (03/11/2011)

'Underneath the Mistletoe' not just a Christmas holiday album for Justin. The album was also describes the major changes in the maturity of the Canadian men.

"This album really shows its development as a young man, his voice has grown. This will surprise many people. (Album) This album is not the usual vacation," said Island Def Jam label president Steve Bartels.

Proceeds from sale of Justin's latest album is also filled with Boyz II Men will be donated to charity. Part of the proceeds will be dedicated to education.

To Meet Justin Bieber, Thigh Tattoo Fans with lyrics

In order to meet an idol, willing to do anything, that's what a British woman, Sarah Burgoyne. She also tattooed his right thigh with writing songs 'Baby' Justin Bieber.

Sarah did it in order to enter the competition to win tickets MTV Europe Music Awards 2011. In the event, later he could see the appearance of the idol.

"I really want to win," said the woman was 24 years. "Not a lot of dedicated fans Justin Bieber like me and the tattoo is proof," she said again.

Sarah's tattoo was made November 2. Justin Bieber MTV to bring in fake tattoos to affix signatures young singer who was tripped gossip fans knocked on her thigh.
Sarah attended the MTV competition called 'What Would You Do For Music'. The competition was challenging fans to show their dedication to the music and her idol. Winners will receive VIP tickets to watch the MTV Europe Music Awards 2011 in Belfast, Ireland, November 6. Besides Bieber will be featured on the show are Lady Gaga and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

In addition to Sarah, who is also willing to appear extreme for the sake of his idol was Jo Edwards. Women from London's proved himself a fan of Lady Gaga wearing a meat dress. She wore clothes made ​​of meat weighing 4 kg.

"I can tell, this is the weirdest day of my life. It's not every day I wear clothes from 4 kg of raw meat. I do not know what my colleagues said to the office to see me dressed this meat. But who cares, I'm now able to Belfast," she said excited.

Justin Bieber Fans Accused impregnates

Singer Justin Bieber never escape from the gossip. More recently, the singer of hits 'Baby' was accused of impregnating one of his fans.

As reported by Star Magazine, Wednesday (02/10/2011), 20-year-old woman named Mariah Yeater claimed to have had sex with Justin backstage at Justin's concert in Los Angeles.

In August, Mariah gave birth to a baby boy who he claims comes from his sexual relationship with Justin. Reportedly, Mariah's demanding boyfriend Selena Gomez to go feed the child.

The news was immediately denied by the management of Justin bieber. Justin's spokesman also stressed all the news Mariah just slander.

"While we have not received the lawsuit, it is very sad if someone fabricate, claims, slander and proven false. We will pursue with all legal efforts to preserve and protect Justin against all these accusations," a statement from spokesman Justin.

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Baylor Adoption

The couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez seem very fond of dogs. Recently, while vacationing in Canada, they were adopted Baylor, a little dog.

Couples who are dating since March 2010 it was originally just a fun visit the animal shelter D'Arcy's ARC. However, there, they were interested in cute dog aged 10 weeks.

Without thinking, they were adopted and provide the name Baylor. The plan, the couple will take care of their own husky dog's ancestry.

As reported by People, Friday (28/10/2011), Selena looked very pleased with Baylor. On Tuesday, Selena had a fever. Unable to leave the room, she spent time with Baylor.

"After 12 hours of treatment, drinking tea, spent the 1374 cans of soup and vomiting, I spent my evening with Baylor watch 'Friends'," Selena wrote on his Twitter account.

Previously, Selena Gomez does have a dog. But when he left to go on tour, the dog is lost.